The National Museum is located (Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur) within walking distance from KL Sentral (5 minutes). If you are in Lake Garden, you will be able to see the museum as it has a distinctive Minangkabau-styled roof. Walking from Lake Garden will take you approximately 20 minutes to reach the museum. The museum contains vast artifacts and exhibits that trace the history of the nation of Malaysia.

National Museum (in Malay: Muzium Negara) was established on the site of the former Selangor Museum. It was built by the British and Selangor governments in 1898 following the formation of the Federated Malay States in 1896. On March 10, 1945, during the end of World War II, the right wing of the museum was bombed and destroyed by the US B-29 bomber, from the Allied Forces.

After World War II, the left wing of Selangor Museum was still in use as a historical site. After the Federation of Malaya achieved its independence on August 31, 1957, the federal government decided to build the national museum at the old site of Selangor Museum. Construction began in 1959 and was complete in 1963. National Museum was officially opened on August 31, His Majesty the Third Yang diPertuan Agong of Malaysia.

It has a Minangkabau-styled roof and two front murals. The murals of Italian glass mosaic highlights the significant events and crafts of Malaysia. The museum comprises of four (4) main galleries, Gallery A, B, C and D. In each of these galleries, you will find an array of unique and interesting displays sure to captivate your mind. Gallery A holds the Culture Exhibitions, involving exhibitions on Shadow Play, Costumes and Rituals in Malaysia. Gallery B holds an exhibition on the Faces of Malaysia, a look at the difference and similarities between the many races in the country. In Gallery C, you will be introduced to Nature, it’s history and it’s many forms of life. The last gallery, Gallery D, is divided into three sub-categories, weapons, music and ceramic, and here you will see displays of each from the past and present times. We also have 3 galleries in the museum that holds temporary exhibits, The Main Hall, Gallery 1 or the Royal Gallery and Gallery 2. These halls holds a variety of temporary exhibits on interesting matters.

The outdoor of the museum has big displays that you can visit without having to purchase any ticket. You will be able to see old cars, a replica of an old Malay palace, steam locomotive and bull carts. The Malaysian Maritime Archaeology Exhibition is located in the vicinity of the museum where artifacts from 11 historical shipwreck salvaged is currently on display.

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